How to Navigate Our Discord
Discord is the best place to have up to date information and interact with our community! This guide will help you through your first time on our Discord. Join at:
After reading this guide, you should all you need to get started in the Game of Blocks Discord.

Step One: Joining and Verification

  1. 1.
    Join at:
  2. 2.
    Verify your account in this channel:

Step Two: Engaging with the community

  1. 1.
    Make your way to #general. This a great first place to say hello and introduce yourself to the community!
2. Once you get started questing the #questarea and #questhelp are the places to talk. Everyone here is working on the quest, fishing, and super welcoming! Don't be shy to ask questions

Step Three: Features of the Server

This will be an explanation of the server's channels from top to bottom.
Stats: This area is where you can check how many fellow members are with you in the Game of Blocks Discord server.
Onboarding: This is the starting area for new members in Game of Blocks. You can see the new members, get started with a quick guide, and get verified.
Intro: These Discord channels contain information about Game of Blocks and the Screenshot Labs team.
Landlords: This channel will unlock if you get a Land Pass.
Quests: These channels are the areas for the Game of Blocks questers. You can talk about quest, find hints, ask for help, and make some friends.
Roles: This area contains #general channel where many Discord members hang out. More channels will unlock based on the Discord Role you obtain.
GoB Courtyard: This area contains the social channels.
GoB Worldwide: This area contains all the international channels in our Discord.
EpicBot Rpg: This area is contains the EpicBot RPG game in Discord. You can play this game and level up within our Discord. Adventurer and Hero roles are obtainable! This is a great way to get involved and win some Raffle Chest or maybe even a Land Pass.
Weebs Hideout: For all the anime fans, we have MudaeBot by request of the community. Just a fun way to collect some of your favorite characters, trade with eachother, and even battle in Discord arena. Great to meet fellow weebs like me!
The End! Welcome to the Game of Blocks Discord community.~