Hello and welcome to Game of Blocks :) We are a 3200 Land NFT collection and developing our upcoming Play to Earn game.

What is Game of Blocks?

GoB land is divided into 3200 blocks of land which will act as your Kingdom for the player. Blocks can be upgraded over time using different resources and crafting. Eventually, you will be able to farm together with your friends who may not have a land yet.
Farming and Crafting - Actively Developed
Resources can be collected through various methods on the map. At the moment, there are 5 different lands with unique resources. You will need to own land at the moment to earn during the alpha game development phase. Players can craft Items and trade within our in-game marketplace in the future.
PvP - Actively Developed
Inspired from various MMORPG, Boardgames, and RTS Games simplified for a 2D boardgame style interface. During the alpha game development phase, we will be testing various different combat styles between players.
You can check our latest minigame on the website: gameofblocks.io
The current game test is a territorial conquest on a global map. Players can craft different levels of buildings, and craft fireballs to attack others. You will gain points for each X minutes your block is on the map or attacks on opponents.
GoB consists of 3,200 unique blocks of land. These Lands are represented as Non-Fungible Tokens and can be freely traded by players. Land Biomes: Plains, Mountain, Forest, Lake, Desert
Future Plans
Land gameplay is still being actively developed, tested with the community, and will be released in phases over time. The final game Phase one is testing various gameplay methods to ensure the most fun experience, and phase two will focus on launching the game to the public and play to earn. Phase three will be focused on growth and scalability of the game.
Tokenomics is being actively developed by our team. Soon, Land Owners can play the PvP minigame and earn ETH based on their ranking on the leaderboard. We have plans to implement Token in the future.

Game of Blocks Milestones

August 2021: Game of Blocks V2 Relaunch Phase 1 Private Giveaway for Land Passes
September 2021: Map Quest and Fishing Released
October 2021: Mining Released, New Maps, and Airdrops for Land Pass Holders
November 2021: Phase 2 Start: New Website, Land Pass Mint Deadline, Land Mint, Land Reveal

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