Land Holders Perks
Genesis Land (ERC-721)
Congratulations! If you own a Genesis Land for Game of Blocks. Here are some perks you can expect as a Land Holders. Welcome to the Game of Blocks Family! <3
Lands have different biomes: Plains, Mountain, Forest, Lake, and Desert
Lands have unique Traits: Background, Buildings, Building Decorations, Vegetation, and more!

Perk 1: Holder Rewards

When it comes to the $$ rewards only Land Owners will be able to play in these games.
  • Phase 1: Land Rewards
  • Phase 2: ETH Rewards from Fees

Perk 2: Airdrops for Visual and Game Assets

Perk 3: Gameplay

  • Lands allow you to diversify your gameplay. Each land represents a type within the game and unlocks you the options to use them.
  • *Type Graphic*

Perk 4: Grow your Kingdom!

  • In the future, Land Owners will be able to invite non-Land Owners to play with them and share the rewards!
  • Land Owners will have the opportunity to get Guild Badges and start a Guild House of their own.