Game of Blocks
How to Mint Your Land
The day has finally come! Minting of Lands will start at 10PM CET Today (Nov 12th). Here is a quick Step by Step guide to becoming a Land Owner
  • Make sure you own a Land Pass
  • Go to
  • If Minting with Land Pass:
Be sure to click "Land Pass"
  • Confirm the transaction on Metamask.
  • Make sure you have enough ETH for estimated Gas.
  • If successful, you will go to
Deadline to Mint November 15th @ 10 PM CET
Congratulations on becoming one of our Genesis Land Owners <3. The Reveal will be a few days after the Deadline. We will release the Rarity Table as well during this time
Mint Details
Land Pass + Free Mint + Gas fee = Lands
Ex. 3 Land Pass + Free Mint + Gas Fee = 3 Lands + Early Community Pass (Airdropped Later)
Land Pass will be burned after mint for Lands.
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