Conquest (v1 PvP)
Play to Earn Territory control inspired by board games, MMORPG, RTS games on a 2D interface.

The Basics

The goal of our conquest mode is to conquer as many blocks as you can for your Kingdom. You earn points when you conquer and hold a block. As well, as when you destroy opponents buildings with attacks.
There is a leaderboard that will update real-time based off players points. At the end of the game, those are the top of the leaderboard will get rewarded.
Games will vary based of Daily and Seasonal Ladders.

Collecting Resources

You are able to claim Gold and Mana every hour.
Gold = Used to Buy Buildings which can be placed on the map.
Mana = Used to Buy Attacks which can be used to destroy opponents buildings.


Using Gold, you can buy 3 different type of buildings: Cabin, Tower, and Castle
  • Cabin = 50 HP | X Gold
  • Tower = 150 HP | X Gold
  • Castle = 300 HP | X Gold
By placing a building on a block, you claim that land for your Kingdom. As long as your building remains, you will get points every hour.

How to Build

To place a building, click on an empty block of Land. This popup will show and you can select which building you want to place.
If you building is destroyed, you lose control of the Land, and will no longer gain points. You must rebuild in order to start gaining points again.


Using Mana, you can buy 5 different types of attacks: Water, Earth, Metal, Wood, Arcane
  • Attacks Cost: X Mana and are only Available to the Land Type you Own
If you destroy an enemies building, you will get some points.

How to Attack

To attack an opponent, click on one of their buildings. This popup will show up and you can select which attack you want to use.
You will do 50 damage with a % bonus or reduction based on Attack and Building Element.
Opponents buildings will be destroyed when HP reaches 0.

The Leaderboard

Points will be generated through: Conquering Blocks and Destroying Enemy Buildings. The leaderboard will look like this:
You will be rewarded a rank based off your points. This rank will determine your rewards.
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